I'm Candy Szengel, nice to meet you.


Let me introduce myself
I’m Candy Szengel, filmmaker, photographer, artist, coffee-lover, notorious early bird, social-media-savvy, movie fanatic with a penchant for aesthetics and design. My home base is in Germany, but I feel at home in many places around the world. I like to work in the States, eat in Italy, spend time with my favorite Canadians…and in France I have lost my heart in Paris. I am a mix of a digital nomad and adventurous cameraman and I spend hours of post-production nights at home.
A prologue
I have always done what I loved. Always. As a self-taught and self-made man, I found myself in the jungle of digital expression and knew I had arrived and would like to pitch my tent here. I have experience creating representative photography, cinematic works of all sorts and marketing via social media for companies and individual projects through images and messaging. I have had a position as the leading Art Director in a marketing agency as well as working on behalf of my clients through my own business. I make every assignment a priority. I am always eager to make the most out of my client’s project. My credo is to always keep moving forward and to focus on a common goal that leads to mutual success.
That's all what it's about
Often companies search for individual professionals to complete a project, whether it’s the photographer, filmmaker, web designer, project manager graphic designer, and so on, from all levels – junior to senior. I believe building a team should be less complicated for you that is why I have taken the time to create a network of international partners to streamline the process by providing you support that will lead to your project’s ultimate success. My priority is you. And I believe anything is possible. Plus, it’s also much cooler to work directly with the boss. There are still so many stories to tell, many companies and people to portray and ideas to introduce to the world. Let’s go on a journey together and create extraordinary projects.