Every beginning holds its own magic.


Step by step make incredible

As a proven expert in my field I am ready when you are to take your
passion and turn it into a successful venture. Or if you find yourself
struggling to use the latest equipment, app or software for your current
project or company, I can provide you professional assistance at any
level you require.

Allow me to help you develop your skills and teach you what matters in
this ever-changing media landscape. I can help you create your image,
increase your media presence, or just simply help you understand how
to use your camera at its optimal best.

  • 01.
    Workaround with programms
    • Adobe programs are comprehensive applications that allows you to produce, create and share your work, rather its film (Adobe Premiere) or photography (Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop). This course will introduce the fundamentals of a workflow in individuals teachings. (Single workshop in person or in classes or groups)
  • 02.
    Camera basics
    • Take control of your camera and learn how to us it in every situation. This workshop will teach you how to use your camera to its full potential. Learn to understand the different modes, especially the manual and when/how/why to use each one Make the most out of your photography. (Single workshop in person or in classes or groups)
  • 03.
    • Photography is more than just a click. Photographs must first grab our attention, then captivate our attention and keep us prisoners. Learn how to use your camera and to capture aestethic and deep shots. I inspire you with the aesthetic quality your photographs need and we develop your photography style together. (Single workshop in person or in classes or groups)
  • 04.
    Film & Video
    • Learn how to produce a film from the beginning to the final video. This unique, professional film producing workshop is designed for individuals with a passion for producing, though also recommended for directors, students and filmmakers in general. Individual topics on request, from beginners to advance. (Single workshop in person or in classes or groups)